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Kate Williams faced tough competition and extreme heat as she participated in the ITU Triathlon World Championships in Mexico earlier this month - and raised money for Cecily's Fund as she did so.

Cecily's Fund is fortunate to have a number of our supporters complete sponsored events each year - but Kate's efforts have really captured our imagination. She travelled all the way to Cozumel, Mexico to take on other triathletes of her age as part of the British team.

Kate (pictured above before the event and after, with her competitor's medal) was disappointed with her time in the event and had some struggles with the heat and freak waves but looks back on her trip to Mexico fondly:

"I encountered (along with many others in my 'wave') a freak current which almost stopped us; several people even slower than me were collected by boat and (unfairly in my book) disqualified for a slow time.  But the long swim took it out of me and after a reasonable bike leg, I started to suffer from heat exhaustion (you will have seen in the news that this happens even to the very best!) and managed to stagger over the line, only to be hit by dizziness, failing vision and flashing lights in the eyes!   It was SO hot and SO humid.  I was putting ice down my front and back and on my head and still could not bring my pulse rate down.

However, altogether it was the most amazing experience."

So far Kate has raised well over £750, a great total which will make a real difference in Zambia. If you're as inspired by her heroic efforts in Mexico as much as we are, please think about sponsoring her via her JustGiving page.

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10K Promo Header June 2016

A Cecily's Fund team will once again face the British 10K London Run on July 10. For the second year running, a contingent from Southborough High School in Kingston-upon-Thames will be involved - but all 18 runners will be doing everything they can to raise money for our work in Zambia.

The British 10K London Run is a special event each year for Cecily's Fund. It's one of the longest-standing events in our fundraising calendar, and certainly in which our supporters have most consistently been involved with. On July 10, another team of 18 will take on this event to raise money for our work - and as usual, we have a mix of familiar and new faces this year.

In 2015, a group of staff from Southborough High School joined our team and raised a great total. This year, Southborough are joining us again, with some runners looking to improve on their time from last year. Some team members have begun their fundraising, with the rest soon to follow:

There is now less than three weeks until the big run on July 10, and while sponsorship pages will remain open afterwards, now is a great time to give our runners a boost. Please consider visiting one of their pages today and supporting both our brilliant team and our essential work in Zambia.

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Sarah Richards Thank You April 25 2016

On Sunday April 24 Sarah Richards completed her second London Marathon for Cecily's Fund. We're hugely grateful for Sarah's brilliant efforts, which won her an even better time than she achieved on her first attempt in 2014. "It was an amazing day", Sarah says. "The Marathon definitely showcases London at its best. Thanks to all who supported me!"

The £1,000 Sarah has raised is enough for Cecily's Fund to support 20 children with their school fees

The generous donors who have supported Sarah through her Virgin Money Giving page have so far helped raise over £1,000 for Cecily's Fund. That's enough to pay 50% of the school fees for 20 children in Zambia, or 20 life-changing business startup grants for young entrepreneurs. It's this fantastic impact which makes us so grateful to all our runners and their sponsors.

If you'd like to follow in Sarah's footsteps by taking on your own sponsored run, Cecily's Fund is building a team for the 2016 British 10K London Run right now. To register your interest or request a sign-up sheet, simply fill in our online form and you could soon be in training for your own run on Sunday July 10!

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